Monday, August 20, 2007

The Cavity Conversation

The following is an actual conversation that took place at our dinner table late last week.

Sam: "Daddy, what is a cavity?"

Tony: "You mean a cavity that is in your mouth?"

Sam: "Yes, daddy, a cavity that is in your mouth."

Tony: "Well, when we don't brush our teeth very well, our teeth get little holes in them that hurt and they are called cavities. Then we go to the dentist, just like grandpa, and he fills them."

Sam: "How does he fill them?"

Tony: "Well, he gives us a shot in our mouth by where the tooth hurts and then he uses a drill to make a hole in our tooth and make it clean. Then he fills it with a special kind of material to keep it from getting a bigger cavity."

Just then Anna very quietly gets up from the table, right in the middle of dinner, and heads down the hall.

Tony: "Hey Anna! Whereya going?"

Anna: "I'm gonna go brush my teeth."

That's our girl. Thanks for always making us laugh.


Rosanne said...

That is too cute - thanks for the smiles today! :)

Garrett Gang said...

I love the label, "Miss Anna". We do miss Anna!