Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tummy Time

To all the other mothers of newborns out there, I apologize. But I simply have the best baby in the world. He rarely fusses and is content to be cooed at, swing in his swing, and eat. The kid is a breeze. He barely makes a noise when he gets his shots, didn't even throw a fit when they put him in that contraption to take his chest x-rays, and didn't make a peep on any of his four plane trips.

Just don't put him on his tummy. He can get there by himself, but don't you dare make him stay to screaming in 1.4 seconds. Amazing.


Kristi said...

I never had a kid who liked being on their tummy. Come to think of it, I don't like lying on mine either.

Anonymous said...

(That Uncle David part was for Anna.)

I have to tell you that although Josh is cute, I really think that baby in YESTERDAYs blog was really cute. You know, the one that was on Anna's magnet. Maybe you should blog more about her. Just a thought. :)

Garrett Gang said...

You deserve a great baby!

BeckyRuss said...

After having such hard pregnancy's--you deserve to have an easy baby! He's so cute and getting so chubby! I miss you guys and Russ and I hope we can get out there soon to see you all!