Sunday, September 16, 2007

Boys' Weekend

Well, it was a weekend to remember for the two big McIllece boys...a road trip to Tulsa to see BYU play! Tony and Sam left with Brian, Ben and Jacob Cochran on Saturday morning and drove 6 1/2 hours south to Tulsa to tailgate,

mingle with other die-hard fans,

make some new friends,

chat it up with Cosmo,

and enjoy an evening game with the Lymans, Cottons, and both Cochran families.
It would have been a perfect weekend had the Cougs not broken our hearts, yet again. This time, 55-47. We'll keep cheering...


Leenz said...

Awww, poor cougs. Should have put your money on the Utes this weekend!

Scribbit said...

We were just talking at the breakfast table this morning about how fun it would be to be able to go to a Cougars game. The boys would love it, they've been devouring all they can get on cable.

D&A said...

Tony - Awesome! I can't count how many times I talked with Brian about going to a BYU game together. I'm glad you were able to go spend time with some of my favorite people. Tell Brian and Shawn, Namaste...and that I was wearing my BYU tie on Sunday AM. I reported to the Branch president at halftime (finished just as we started PEC) that we were ahead 34-31. We thought for sure the cougs would emerge victorious. We'll have to skype soon - our microphone is busted but we could use the phone as well. Talk to you soon