Friday, September 21, 2007


That's right! After the CRAZY week we had here at our house (which I'll blog about more tomorrow), at least I know that I'm not completely nuts! While I was reading the newest "Real Simple" magazine, I came across this word. It means the fear of sharks. Okay, now what I have really isn't a phobia. It's more of a certainty. A certainty that I will be the one person that gets eaten by a shark at any given time at any given locale where the ocean is part of the scenery. This particular part of my very cute nature is extremely frustrating for my adorable husband who takes me all over the world to different beaches and I flat out refuse to get in the water. For example, Hanauma Bay, Hawaii. Tony: "Come snorkel with me!" Amber: "No thank you. I just saw all those very same fish at the aquarium." In Carlsbad, California. Tony: "Amber, come get in the water!" Amber: "I'm good. Just catching some rays." In Destin, Florida. Tony: "Amber, let's go hit the beach!" Amber: "No, thanks. I think they filmed part of "Jaws" here."
To my credit, I did get in the water and went snorkeling with Tony at Trunk Bay in St. John during our cruise last year, but only because visibility was incredible and I'd at least see an attack coming.

Anyway, despite the irrational fear I have of being eaten by a shark, we actually LOVE sharks at our house. Got 'em in the tub. Got the movie. And every year, we faithfully watch Shark Week. At least now, I have a name for it.


Rosanne said...

You are too funny! Thanks for the laugh and the education. :)

Kristi said...

My parents made the mistake of taking us to an aquairium the day before our first time at the ocean. I will only splash around in the shallow water because I know what could be lurking out there!

BeckyRuss said...

Amber, i totally agree!! I was watching these new Planet Earth DVD's i got for my birthday, and the whole time i was thinking two things...i hate great white sharks, and wow, Sam would love this. I am one of those people who would get eaten alive by sharks. I feel your pain!!

Love, Russ

Anonymous said...

I totally understand. This past summer we went down to Miami and then everyone wanted to drive thru the Florida Keys. Well do you know how many miles of bridge over shark infested water that is...I refused and told Steve he could not take MY kids either. Other members of the family said how fun it is because you can just see the sharks out there swimming. CRAZY!


Leenz said...

Ummm, have a higher likelihood of getting squashed by a vending machine then coming within 100 yards of a shark. And that's coming from a gal who spends lots of time in the water. Wendy and I have already had this conversation.
So, maybe people should be afraid of DIET COKE.