Monday, September 24, 2007

Girlfriends Matter!

Several weeks ago, I got a surprise little package in the mail from one of my girlfriends and enclosed was the cutest card. I was delighted when I found the same stamp at Hobby Lobby and made a batch of cards with it for me to send on to other girlfriends. But it really was the message that struck me...Girlfriends Matter!

It got me thinking. Where would I be without my girlfriends? Although my girlfriends (and that includes my sisters and sister-in-laws) live all around the world, they have been my extended family when I was far from my parents, they have shared recipes, they have watched my children, they have opened their homes to me, they have held my hand through 3 difficult pregnancies and 4 major deployments, they have comforted, guided and inspired me. They have helped calm my spirit. They have made me better and helped me learn to trust myself. I only hope one day to return the favors.

So thank you, thank you, my friends! May we continue to matter!


Kristi said...

Cute, cute stamp and cards! I am honored to be one of your girlfriends!!

Anonymous said...

I am honored you liked my card! The vintage picture is so cute and I love the saying, it's so true. Now you will have to send me a pic of how you used the stamp.

Girlfriends Forever,