Thursday, September 27, 2007


Since the big move, I have finished decorating every room...except one. Since we have a dedicated living room in our new home, I have had a really hard time deciding what to put on the wall above our sofa. And it irritated the heck out of me to not have this project finished! Yesterday, my typography alphabet arrived from Pottery Barn and once I had framed the "M"s, inspiration hit! So the wall above the sofa is done, everything is straight, and we finally feel at home!

The artwork in the middle is a flower acrylic by Bellet that I bought at an art auction on our cruise...I found it tucked away in a corner and fell in love with the colors. He does all his work with a palette knife...incredible! The three little pictures are the hospital pictures of the children.

This picture is of the top of my china cabinet in the dining room with the third "M" in my typography set. LOVE the way it turned out!


April said...

It looks WAY cute! I love the "M's". I can't wait to see it in PERSON!


Anonymous said...


the artwork arrangeMent over your sofa looks Modern and chic. what does the long sign say? Maybe
you can tell Me.

i Miss you.

Amber M. said...

Mom, you're a nut. The sign is President Hinckley's 6 "Be"s. The picture doesn't show the color very is like a black/ cherry color.

Kristi said...

Amber- this grouping turned out awesome_ I like that art up there! Not that I am surprised- you are so good at putting things together!

Rosanne said...

How beautiful and wonderful that you completed your room decorating. I bet it makes you feel all that more settled. Very nice work with the M's. I really like that. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW! everything looks so pretty. The collection of "M's" look stunning.


Wendy P said...

I must know where you got all your"M"s I have been looking for just one "P" and have had no luck. Your home looks beautiful and so do your children. I can't believe you don't live just down the road anymore. You are missed. Wendy