Thursday, September 6, 2007

Missing Stan

As Megan, Anna and I were heading to the movie on Labor Day afternoon, we drove through a part of Omaha that I am not very familiar with. So as we drove, we kept a close eye on our surroundings, trying to find any cool new haunts that we could check out later. And there it was. On the left side of the road...a Sizzler. Now, we're all quasi-familiar with the Sizzler chain...they have come and gone and relocated all over the western US for years. It also happens to have been one of Stan's very favorite places to eat. In fact, we all ate there as a family on the way to Stan's funeral earlier this year in his honor. Kinda made him feel closer in a way. But the weirdest part was that when I saw it, my brain INSTANTLY said, "Wow! We have a Sizzler! We'll have to take Stan when he comes to visit..." And then my brain caught up and I got kinda sad.

When I told Tony about it that evening, he shared an experience he had had earlier that morning as he prepared to take Sam fishing. He was going through a fishing tackle box that he had inherited when Stan passed and in the top little compartment, the first place that he'd open, was a pair of Stan's reading glasses, all ready for his next fishing trip. I think we'll keep them there.


Leenz said...

Amber, we also have these little experiences every once in a while. Funny enough, we had one on Saturday and I even took a picture! Funny how we're on the same page. I'll post it soon.

Garrett Gang said...

That is so sweet...brought me to tears. Thanks for sharing.

D&A said...

Dave and I both have had experiences in the last week or so with "missing Stan." I really appreciated your take on it... Thanks for sharing with us. We miss you guys!

Shawna B. said...

Oh Amber, you made me cry. Yes, leave the glasses there, and remember Stan each time you see that Sizzler. My grandpa was a Sizzler man himself and I always smile when I see one.

On a happier note, enjoy that Nifty Gifty ("They are nifty! They're nifty gifties!"). Season 3 at last! Priceless indeed.