Monday, November 19, 2007

Grammy Joan

It is always a treat when we get a visit from our Grammy Joan! She flew in to spend some time with us before Thanksgiving and, as it turned out, keep us company while Tony was on his hunting trip in Washington. She got to see our home on the inside for the first time...and we got in lots of good baby Josh time (even some in the wee hours of the morning).

We took her to Anna's dancing class, and enjoyed the unseasonably warm November we're having.

She is flying home tomorrow morning and Tony had taken the day off, so this afternoon we pulled Sam out of school a bit early and hit the zoo!

As always, Sam impressed us with his animal knowledge...who knew that this animal is an okapi??

Tonight, after FHE and a rousing round of "spoons", we took some pictures of Grammy Joan and her three little leaves from this branch of the McIllece family tree. We love you, Grammy Joan! Thanks for the fun week!


Ange said...

What is it with Grammy Joan and the Zoo? :) She loves taking the kids to the zoo. How fun. We sure miss you guys. Thanks for sharing.

Rosanne said...

What a cute bunch! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Amber! :)

Leenz said...

Wow, that baby is gi-normous! What do you feed those kids?