Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mini Pumpkin Topiaries

One of my FAVORITE fall ideas...and it is one my mom shared with me many years ago. All you need are some mini pumpkins, some terra cotta pots, some floral foam, split peas, a couple dowls and some raffia. Make sure you stop up the holes in the bottom of your pots so the split peas don't come out the bottom (I usually just use the sticker from the pot with the scanner on it). Also, the pumpkins tend to rot, so enjoy them for a week or so and then either replace them or give it up until next year. I love them all lined up on my dining room table!

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Rosanne said...

You are so crafty!!! I love it! Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas. It might inspire me to one day craft something up of my own. hehe.

Amy said...

Those are precious! What a great idea!

Montserrat said...

So cute and EASY! That's the kind of craft I like.

Kristi said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

I love it when I suggest ideas and
then YOU make them!! Very
"fallish" and "harvesty."

:) the mom

Scribbit said...

Really cute! You know, they'd also make cute little scarecrows in a row if you cut out some basic clothing shapes out of fabric scraps and glued them to cross-sticks.