Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Angels and Holiday Yumminess

Here are just a couple more of the angel ornaments on our tree. These are some of my first purchases and they have a very fun story behind them...and a treasured friendship.

After our move to Spokane in 1999, Tony deployed almost immediately to England. By chance, a couple came to our ward by mistake one Sunday who seemed very familiar to me. We got to visiting and we realized our husbands were in ROTC together at was Kalani and Cherie Napoleon. They were also just moving into the area and would be attending another ward, but a wonderful, lasting friendship was forged. Cherie introduced me to the Old World Christmas Outlet store in the time, the only outlet outside of Germany. These are the star-capped ornaments and are extremely collectible. We spent many an afternoon with our green ornament boxes sorting through bins and bins of ornaments searching for treasures. I went a couple of times without Cherie and it was never the same. These are my favorite three...but I have many more Old World Christmas angel the traditional pickle:-). I miss you, Cherie!

Now for the yumminess. I love Nutella. It is a French chocolate/hazelnut spread that is found in most grocery stores by the peanut butter. Great on graham crackers. Anyway, I came across this recipe on Becky Higgins' blog and gave it a go. Delish!!!


2 pkg. crescent rolls
13 oz. container Nutella
1-2 bananas (optional)
powdered sugar

Spread out a crescent roll triangle, drop a spoonful of Nutella at the wide end (I use my smallest Pampered Chef scoop), add a slice of banana if that sounds good to you, and then wrap it up. Place on a baking sheet. Sprinkle generously with powdered sugar and put them in the oven at 375 for about 15 minutes, or whenever they are golden.


Cherie said...

That is so funny! When I opened your page I saw the red angel and thought, Hey wait a minute didn't Amber and I get those at the old world outlet? A flood of memories came back to me. I have the same angel and she is one of my favorites also. I can't believe how much time has gone by and the fact that we were able to see you after Spokane in AK too! Thanks for a great friendship! I wish we could go back to the outlet. Kalani could always tell when I had been there because he would say you have glitter on your face. I am not as sneaky as I thought I was. Have a great day! Thanks for the memories.

Kristi said...

Oh sure, go and post something yummy like that on a day I'm trying to be good, lol!!!

It is so fun to hear the stories behind your ornaments!

Scribbit said...

Nutella is also good on crepes. Spread a bit and then roll them up and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Sometimes I use it as a frosting too.

Costco's out right now and I've been waiting for them to carry it again for about six weeks now. Our jar won't last much longer . . .