Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey Hat

I found this adorable hat a couple of years ago on the Family Fun website while doing research for a Thanksgiving etiquette class I was asked to teach for our ward's Enrichment night. And, in our family, nothing says high class like a festive turkey hat! I love the idea of a beautifully set table, complete with sparkling cider and my best dishes, being enjoyed by my whole family in fun turkey hats. Enjoy!

Brown paper bags
Cardboard (cereal box)
Glue stick
Colored construction paper
2 small white pom-poms
Black permanent marker

1. From the brown paper bags, cut a circle 3 1/2 inches in diameter for the turkey's head. Next, cut a 3-inch-wide band to fit around your child's head.

2. From the cardboard, cut a strip 5 by 1 1/2 inches to use for a neck. Fold it three times accordion style, then glue one end to the back of the paper circle.

3. For a beak, fold yellow construction paper and cut out a small double triangle (1 1/2 inches along the fold). Cut a rounded L from red paper for the turkey's wattle.

4. To create eyes, draw a black circle on each pom-pom with the marker. Glue the eyes, wattle and one side of the beak to the head. Let them dry. Then, glue the loose end of the neck to the center of the headband.

5. Now, wrap the headband around your child's head; mark where the ends overlap, then remove the band and glue the ends. Finally, glue on construction paper feathers and wings.

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Kristi said...

How fun!! You must take some pictures of everyone wearing their hats!!

See ya soon!

Shawna B. said...

Great idea, once again! What a fun tradition! I hope you and yours enjoy your Thanksgiving. We are celebrating by heading to the Outer Banks in North Carolina - we'll probably eat Thanksgiving dinner at the D.Q.! :) Cannot wait. Happy Thanksgiving to our dear McIlleces!

I loved your post about Veteran's Day - made me tear up seeing Tony in uniform and hearing about what that good gentlemen said to him in the airport. I am more grateful than I can even express for all those serving our country here and abroad.

So glad your craft show was a smashing success! Congratulations, Amber! So glad Joan could be there to lend a hand with the little ones, too.

Scribbit said...

Which is cuter? The hat or the model? Hope you have a great day tomorrow Amber.