Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Where to start? First, my parents and Megan are here. Our basement guest suite is complete. AND it's Christmas Eve. I can't think of anything better! These are the highlights of our day.

The girls and Josh shopping at Hobby Lobby and Target, just for fun (Christmas shopping was already done) while the boys hit the base and Cabelas, being wished a "Merry Christmas" wherever we went, and coming home with the makings of our Christmas feast.

Making and decorating cookies for Santa.

Eating our traditional take-out Chinese food for dinner...YUMMY!

Reading the Christmas Story from Luke 2, The Tale of the Three Trees, singing Christmas songs while Anna rang jingle bells, and saying family prayer before heading off to bed.

Putting our homemade cookies and eggnog out for Santa. The big guy's gotta have eggnog. And carrots all in a row for the reindeer. AND he's obviously a Nebraska fan.

By the way, Sam's note to Santa says, "Dear Santa, I know your reindeer's names. I have been good. Love, Sam." We decided it sounds a bit like a threat:-)

Perfect day. Surrounded by people I love, sunshine, shopping and snow. AND it's Christmas Eve. May we all feel the love of our Savior, this season as well as throughout the coming year. Merry Christmas everyone, from our home to yours!


April said...

Definitely wouldn't want to meet Sam in a dark alley after that note! So cute! Thanks for the pictures. It made me feel like I was ALMOST there with you guys!

Merry Christmas. We'll call tomorrow! LOVES!

Anonymous said...

Is it just me...or is Sam wearing a Home Depot apron to bake cookies!? Such a boy! Glad that you are enjoying your holiday.

Amber M. said...

Yep, it is a Home Depot apron...from his aunt Paige several summers ago. What a guy!

The Bennett Bunch said...

Merry Christmas McIllece family!!! Hope you had a truely magical day!!