Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Winter Concert

The First Grade's Winter Concert was tonight. Despite the complete lack of any actual CHRISTmas songs, I was actually pretty impressed. It was too late for Josh, so Megan and I took Sam while Tony stayed home with the little ones. I don't get much alone time with my Sam. Usually, when the division between parents is made, I get the baby and Anna, and Tony takes his "little buddy." So I waxed a little nostalgic tonight. My Sam. Can't believe that it was 7 years ago that I was anticipating the birth of this wonderful little person. He is loving. He is creative. He is tender. All the very sweetest parts of Tony and I ended up in this little guy. And, no matter how the years may change us both, he will always be my Sam.


Kristi said...

Great picture of you two, Amber!! Today was so much fun!!! Wish we could do that more often!!

Rosanne said...

Gheese - you made me tear up. I'm glad you had your time with Sam - that is so sweet!

BTW, I used your candy cane idea ("Candy Cane is a wonderful Christian symbol...") in my most recent Relief Society Lesson: Shepherds of the Flock. It was perfect! Except I used real candy canes. :) Thanks again for the idea! Oh, and I gave you credit...everyone just smiled and was glad to hear your name. :)

Miss you!