Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Organizing Toys

These ideas may not work for everyone, but I wanted to share what works for toy organization at our house, especially trying to incorporate the new toys that Santa brought.

I get rid of a few of the older toys that the kids don't play with much anymore, are broken, or missing parts while they are excited about all their new toys. I put them in our designated garage sale box in the storage room so if there is a melt-down because they miss that particular toy, I can get it out again for them. This has only happened once...usually they forget about them instantly.

I am a huge believer in storage bins. Not only does it keep tiny pieces together, it also gives everything a place and limits the toys that get brought out. Now mind you, they don't always get put right away...I usually don't get this organized except maybe once a week. They are kids, after all. It also makes moving a cinch because the movers just pack the bins, and I unpack them at our new home, right onto their shelf.

I also label each bin with the name of what's in it as well as a picture, if possible. That way, my daughter who can't read yet knows what goes in what bin.

For smaller toys, and favorites as well, I make fabric bags with drawstrings. I try and match the fabric to what's inside so that they stay organized that way. It also makes packing for trips or church a breeze because I can just grab the particular bags out of the basket they want, and we're on our way. I also keep a basket for Josh's baby toys as well as a catch-all basket in the basement for those in-between organizing times so it can look tidy in a snap.

Just a few ideas...maybe one or all will work for you!

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jennwa said...

Thanks for the tips. I spent this morning organizing toys too. Where to put it all.

Amy said...

I have been organizing tons of toys over here too. Amazing how much those kids can get :) I love the fabric tote ideas- thanks!

Daisy said...

Great ideas! As your kids get older, they'll (hopefully) be well trained in the whole organization routine.

Kristi said...

Amber- I love your bags too! We still have the one you made for Genna when she was a baby! Have you found any Polly Pocket material?

I had to laugh, Genna's sitting on my lap reading my bloglines with me and she recognized your toys right away. Those are Anna's toys, Mom!

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!

Rosanne said...

Great ideas! We're in the process of cleaning 'old' toys to bring in the new. This weekend I'm off to WM to buy some storage bins and labels! :) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Miss ya!

Scribbit said...

Oh this is great--I can't handle the clutter that comes from the holidays. Usually I make the kids go through their toys and give a certain number away each year, it keeps things manageable.