Friday, January 18, 2008

Any Takers?

Okay, Tony and I have discovered a new talent. This has happened to us TWICE now. We set up a fun date with some friends who happen to be expecting a baby. Then, we get a call at the last minute, like tonight, cancelling because they go into labor.

We'll be open to scheduling more double dates shortly if anybody else gets desperate and wants to go into labor. Our services will not be cheap.

Good luck tonight, Aaron and Holly!


jennwa said...

Very cute!!! Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

At the end of this week, we would be up for scheduling a double date . . . but being that we'd have to fly you to Anchorage, your services would definitely be very expensive and out of our budget!! Everything's going well - we are hoping this babe arrives in the coming week - our midwife says no real use in trying to encourage labor before 40 weeks though, so we'll be good - we want the baby to come when he/she is ready! :)
We'll keep you posted.

Bonnie B. said...

That is a talent that could bring in some serious green! I'll get back to you around the 1st of April. Send me a price list. Lol.

The Toronto Family said...

Well... I'm not sure your services are that great because I saw Holly on Saturday and Sunday and she is still pregnant, (well as of yesterday morning) I have not talked to her today. So you might want to work on that. But we would still be up for giving it a try come march. But wait... we should not have to wait until march to have a double date, we should get together sooner. But please don't put me into labor yet! have a great day guys! enjoy the day off!

Amber M. said...

I just talked to Holly this morning, and she is still pregnant. I was hoping that it wouldn't get out though...I see my fees dropping by the minute...:-)

BeckyRuss said...

We'll give you a call in three months--I bet I'll be willing to pay your steep fee's to get this baby out!