Thursday, January 10, 2008

Curious Anna

Last evening was a little crazy. Tony had a board so he was in court all day and was going to be late getting home. It was about 6:00 p.m. and Josh had just gone down for the night and the kids had been fed and were playing downstairs while I tried to get things set up for my Enrichment Board Meeting. Sam and Anna came walking up the stairs and Anna was sorta whimpering and Sam was telling her to go lay in her bed and he'd help her feel better. Well, my kids have very active imaginations, so I just assumed they were playing. I did check in on them once, and Sam had set Anna up in her bed with a juice box, a chair by her bed for toys and books, and a towel on her pillow...all things we do if the kids are sick. So cute. And they were being quiet and good, so I didn't give it a second thought. About 6:30, I was downstairs puttering around when Sam came up to me and said,

Sam: Mom? Do you promise to take Anna to the doctor tomorrow while I am at school?
Me: Why does Anna need to go to the doctor?
Sam: Because she is sick and needs to go to the hospital.
Me: Sam, Anna isn't sick...she's just pretending.
Sam: No, Mom, she REALLY is sick, and she needs to see the doctor!
Me: Hold on, Sam, why does she NEED to see the doctor (starting to worry).
Sam: So she can get her toy back.
Me: (really starting to worry) What toy, Sam?
Sam: Her Barbie horse food.

Anna got a Barbie horse for Christmas that you feed these tiny pieces of plastic clover to and then they magically reappear out a chute on the horses' saddle so you can feed the horse again. They are tiny and have no sharp edges, thank goodness.

Me: Sam! Did Anna swallow the horse's food?
Sam: Yes...and now she needs an x-ray and the doctor will give her a shot to make her sleep and then when she wakes up, the doctor will give her the horse's food back in a a jar.

This is all starting to sound familiar. That's right. It's the plot right out of Curious George Goes to the Hospital, where Curious George swallows a puzzle piece and gets "sick" so the Man in the Yellow Hat takes him to the see the doctor and they remove the puzzle piece from his tummy. So I ran upstairs to talk to Anna, where I finally convinced her that the food was really tiny and that it won't really make her sick like Curious George and that she won't have to go and see the doctor.

She was so relieved, until I told her the horse food eventually would come out of her tummy (and how) and that we weren't going to play with it again:-) You can't make up a story like that, my friends.


Rosanne said...

That is one of the cutest stories I've ever heard! Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

So CUTE! And what a sweet, sensitive big brother Sam is taking care of her like that. Just love hearing stories about your kids.
Chery said...

Oh, my gosh! Your children are adorable. I can't stop laughing at this story...

Sending you some LOVE!! :-)

Kristi said...

So sweet and funny!! I am glad Anna didn't really swallow a big puzzle piece and have to get it back from the Doctor in a jar. You know, my boys never had a problem with swallowing things, but Genna swallowed a nickel and a plastic hairspray bottle nozzle. Both required carrying a plastic knife along when we went out in plastic- yuck!!

Marisa said...

It must be contagious. Braden was sitting next to me on the couch yesterday when he promptly started making throw-up noises. When asked if he was going to be sick, he said "no, I just swallowed a dime." He's 7, I didn't think I had to worry anymore. By the way-Welcome back to Nebraska!!!

Megalicious said...

Wow...didn't see that one coming. I feel like an aweful aunt for getting her that now. Luckily it shouldn't be too serious. It's pretty funny, though!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, though the main story was quite cute and I was happy to hear she hadn't swallowed anything dangerous, I had a hard time getting past the fact that Josh was down for the night at 6 pm!!! We don't even eat dinner until at least 6:30 and often later! Maybe this next babe will be a sleeper, but we aren't holding our breath!
I have a couple questions, but I'll send an e-mail . . .

Dave said...

Amber - now a feel a real connection with my very adorable neice! I was abouther age when I was discovered by Joan (mom) as a consumer of coins. I had swallowed a nickel, confirmed by x-ray. I got it back in the traditional manner, and I think it was also put out of least for us. For all I know it may still be in circulation... Tell Anna she is missed and loved by her cousins, aunt, and uncle in India. Uncle Dave

Leenz said...

I wonder if she thought that the horses food would be tasty? What cute kids!