Thursday, January 17, 2008

Giveaway Winner & a "Two-fer"

First item of business: the winner of my 100th post giveaway is CHERIE!! I'll get it in the mail tomorrow! Congrats and thanks to everybody who commented.

We get to play with Ashley today...we just love Ashley!

But the best part of the deal was at the very last minute, I got to keep baby Rebecca, too.

Kinda makes me want to rethink the "three-kid-family" thing. . .isn't she sweet?


Anonymous said...

SWEET! That ALWAYS happens to me too, Amber! My sister Natalie is having her baby next week and I am already soooo baby hungry! Just love the new babies.I could sit and hold em' all day. (BUT... 4 is a good number for me!)

Cherie said...

Yeah!! I never win anything... You were talking about me weren't you? When we flew to CA a flight attendant commented on how well Kaikane did on the flight. I told her he was a really great baby in general and she said oh don't be fooled. The third one is always sweet so you will be tricked into having number 4! I just laughed because she wasn't the first person to tell me that either.

jennwa said...

I can not hold babies they make me want more. But then when I give them back, my senses come back.
That baby is precious.
Also, I would be very happy to add my blog to your blog roll and I will add yours to mine.

Marisa said...

I thought three was enough-especially freshman year of dental school. Then Riley was so good we had Ella (3 years later) then Ella was so good...who knows. We're still making up our minds.