Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Craft Spot

I've been promising to post some pictures of my craft area...and today is finally the day! One of the things that sold us on this home was the HUGE 850 square-foot finished family room in the basement. I love that I can tuck my things on the back wall and sew or work while the kids play right behind me, or watch a movie. It has been a huge blessing. It is also nice because I have some added incentive to keep it organized because we constantly have people over to play or for FHE. And who wants all their "business" hangin' out for the company.

My desk, caddy of tools, notepads, pictures and sewing corkboard holds inspiration, notes and do-dads that remind me of those I love. And lots of As.

I love old antique boxes, but couldn't figure out an effective way to use my old coke box...until I came across these spice jars at World Market. They are only $1 and hold buttons, charms, metal accents...anything small. I just added a label to the top so I know what's in each one.

I got these two chests of pull-out basket drawers at Hobby Lobby on clearance and they are HUGE inside. All my supplies are put away with similar supplies, and then I labeled each basket at the handle so I know what is it each one without digging. I reorganize constantly, so I sometimes forget what is where.

I requisitioned the top of our book shelves in the basement to hold my current magazines and reference books, binders, and my priceless idea book of gathered ideas and sketches. I only keep my magazines for one year, and then sort through them and file away the good stuff in my idea book. That way, I don't get overwhelmed. The kids love to cut up the magazines when I am done with them.

Do you have any great ideas for organizing?? I'd love to hear them. Happy Saturday!


Montserrat said...

What a great spot! I love all the A's . Makes me want to collect M's for my real name. Seeing all your cool shelves and drawers just reminded me my mom bought some for me from a scrapbooking store that was going our of business. I can't believe I forgot them at her house after Christmas. Not that there was any room in our Suburban or anything. Now I'm going to have to figure out how to get them so I can use them!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! Very impressive. You are about the most organized person I know! I wish my craft spot looked like that. My craft spot often gets called the "crap room" (by my own wonderful husband) because of my organization skills! I do love the storage bins with drawers in them.
I also love your sign "Surround yourselves with the things you love"!

Anonymous said...

That looks amazing- definately a space I would like to hang out in.

Leenz said...

Nice! I really want to see how you store your wrapping paper and supplies, because I am struggling with that (especially after the holidays).

shannon said...

One of my friends had forwarded me your craft room pictures as we are moving to a new house with a huge basement rec room. I have tons of stamping and scrapbooking stuff and this gave me alot of great ideas as to how to organize it. Thanks!
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