Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Day In Numbers

Today I...

...listened to SIX hours of talk radio (gotta love the Iowa Caucus. Oh.My.Gosh. I really am a nerd!) and changed SIX diapers.

...washed, folded, and put away FIVE loads of laundry, and spent FIVE dollars at Target. (I actually didn't know it was possible to only spend $5 at Target until today.)

...packed up FOUR bins of Christmas decorations, and made FOUR visiting teaching gifts.

...watched Josh enjoy the THREE new teeth he has gotten in since Sunday, and bathed THREE of the world's cutest kids.

...made TWO dozen birthday cupcakes for my animal fanatic Sam's class tomorrow and mailed TWO packages.

...cleaned up ONE broken snow-globe (the price of having Anna help me pack up Christmas:-) and am taking ONE quiet moment to relax!

Hope you had a fabulous day!


Anonymous said...

Hey me too. I have had FOX news on since 1400 and don't know if I can go to bed with only 50% reporting! This is going to be a fun year. So boy did you have a good day, you go!


condiefamily said...

You crack me up! That is straight out of Sports Illustrated-you probably didn't know that...but I would being that I am submersed in the sporting world.
One more entry...'0' the amount of energy you have left after a day like today!

April said...

I'm just hoping one of those TWO packages is making it's way to me...:)

Yours should arrive Saturday!

Anonymous said...

I sure wish that I was half as productive as you were yesterday! The kids finally went back to school, so I celebrated and did nothing! Now back to reality.