Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tony's 14 Days of Valentines

Tony, if you are reading this STOP NOW or it will ruin your surprise. For the rest of you, continue on!

This year, I'm going to give a simple, little gift to Tony each night of February leading up to Valentine's Day. Nothing big, just a little reminder that after almost 12 years and 3 children, I'm still crazy about him. I'm going to make a little tag for each gift with the message and leave them out on his nightstand. Please feel free to use these ideas or substitute ideas that are more appropriate for your husband. These, of course, are tailored a bit to Tony's taste. And the big gift on February 14th? That one is all up to you!!

February 1: You're the "write" one for me. (bunch of his favorite pens)
February 2: I'm lucky to have you. (box of Lucky Charms cereal)
February 3: You light up my life. (a lit candle)
February 4: I have the hots for you. (Red Hot candies)
February 5: You are my dreamboat. (toy boat)
February 6: We were "mint" to be together. (box of Junior Mints)
February 7: I'm nuts about you. (little bag of nuts)
February 8: Our love was written in the stars. (star shaped sugar cookies)
February 9: I'm so lucky you're my sweetheart. (SweeTarts)
February 10: You're the man of my dreams. (a new flannel pillowcase)
February 11: You complete me. (total "The Office" joke...last piece of a puzzle)
February 12: You're a Cracker Jack husband and father. (Cracker Jacks)
February 13: You're the icing on my cake. (favorite cake)
February 14: Happy Valentine's Day!

SO GLAD January is almost over...


The Toronto Family said...

Hey Amber - thanks for sharing your ideas, I think I will do this for Will too, but I think I will just do one week since it would start tomorrow, and I'm sooo not prepared, and add a few of my own ideas too. HAVE A GREAT VALENTINES with Tony!

jennwa said...

Those are all great sayings. I love the nut one the best, I think I might do that for my husband too.
Thanks for sharing.

Rosanne said...

I'm totally going to use some of these for Lance. :) Great ideas - I've passed them on to some of my co-workers and they too love them, will use them, and are (by the way) blown away by you! :) You rock!

Kristi said...

Amber- I LOVE this of course! Such a great idea!! I am always looking for ways to make Valentine's Day more fun! I'm thinking these would be fun to do with the whole family-every night at dinner- especially most of those things come in packs.

BeckyRuss said...

What a great idea for Valentine's day. Tony is so lucky to have you! You're so very thoughtful--Your idea has inspired me to want to do something cute and romantic for Russ. I'll let you know what I come up with soon. Love you!

Anonymous said...

I just love your great ideas- especially this one & your adorable felt book!!! I usually give Travis and the kids a heart attack with paper hearts all over their rooms and write messages on them saying "Why I love you!" I think I'll add this to the mix. Thanks for sharing. You are amazing!

Melissa said...

Those are some really cute ideas!!!! Thanks!

Marisa said...

Too cute!!! I just have to ask, does your creativity ever take a break? It must be the scrapper in you and the BIG non scrapper in me.

Ice Cream said...

You have just totally saved me! I have been trying so hard to think of something cool to do for my husband. Thanks for the fabulous idea!

Camie said...

Okay Amber, I tracked you down. This is Camie. I heard Liz mentions you had a blog, so WA-LA here I am checking it out. I love blogging and snooping around on others blogs...I definitely want to take you up on the dinner know helping me go into labor (a post from awhile ago.)