Saturday, January 5, 2008

War of the "Rags"

Okay, my sister Megan has been staying with us during the Christmas break, and as always, she brought her stuffed dog Rags with her. Rags is the source of much delight for Megan, obviously, but for Tony also. It started during the summers we stayed in Alaska and has continued with an increasing ferocity since Megan moved to Nebraska and regularly visits our home (see previous Christmas post). Tony LOVES to place Rags in compromising situations. Usually, Megs will retaliate, leaving Rags in a place that Tony will be sure to enjoy. Once I found Rags in a sexy, "come hither" pose on Tony's pillow. One morning we found Rags in the freezer. The rest of us just shake our heads and hold our precious objects a little closer, grateful that Rags is the one "taking one for the team." Here are the highlights from Christmas Break...

Rags inside the fireplace. (Tony actually had to take the thing apart to get him in and out of there. Now that's dedication...)

Rags in Tony's stocking.

Rags stuffed inside a quart canning jar. And he is, for the record, A DOG.

Osama bin Rags ready to end it all.

Thanks for the fun visit, Megan. We'll be happy to pay for Rags' therapy.


Montserrat said...

That last one is HILARIOUS!!

Scribbit said...

My roomate and I did that with a Gumby figure. Found him in the aquarium, in the light fixture, you just never knew where he'd show up.

Bonnie B. said...

Pickled funny!

April said...

I do believe that Rags is getting more and more irreverent in his old age. YIKES! I didn't think it was possible!