Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Bag Tag

Thanks to Rosanne, here is a sneak peak into the chaos that is this mommy's favorite red handbag...

Sweet Mint Orbit gum
1 cherry chapstick
lip gloss
mailbox key
handful of dum-dums
Josh's diaper tote
binky and back-up binky
the necklace I wore to church 2 weeks ago (don't ask)
moleskin and scissors (for my psycho heels when I run)
baggie of V-8 Fusion lids for Sam's school fundraiser
6 fine point Sharpie markers in assorted colors

Play along if you'd like.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Seems that I love looking in other people's bags. Hee hee. I did it here.

Albanie said...

the dum dums is a great idea. I'll borrow that one for sure!

condiefamily said...

Wow...tons of stuff...but where's the trash (wrappers, receipts, crumbs, etc) that seems to fill up the bottom of my fake Prada? I just cleaned my purse out yesterday and there is no way I'd be taking a picture of the trash that came out of the nether parts of my bag.
I do have the wallet, phone, 2 pair of sunglasses, gum, "girlie necessities", pass along cards and hand sanitizer.
Thankfully I am past the purse/diaper bag stage.

Rosanne said...

Yes - dum dums are great. I need to carry a stash. My girls love them. Fun stuff! Thanks for playing!

Bonnie B. said...

I want your bag. Those are fun insides. I just cleaned all the crap out of my purse, so mine is boring. But, this is a fun, fun idea!

just jamie said...

I have that same necklace. Whoa.

Kathleen said...

much more interesting than mine! mine would consist of: wallet, recipes, a pen (sometimes), and a piece of fruit leather. yeah, not too prepared, am i?

MooreInterest said...

I'm so impressed with how much you can keep in there! Like a true artist, a colored pen for any occasion!

Montay said...

Fun Idea I may have to give it try but I do not carry a purse just can't get past the carry one more thing stage.

Camie said...

Looks like you have all the essentials...