Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fun Idea #3--Summer To-Do List

Tony and I are all about lists. Nothing feels so good about crossing things off a "to-do" list. So Tony came up with a great idea during our last move. We researched the route we'd be taking across the plains and made a list of things we wanted to see and do, and then also an extended list of things we could do with the kids while we waited for our house to close. It became a kind of fun game to see what we could get done, and the kids had a ball. Plus, we didn't have to try and come up with an idea when we were bored...we had already come up with a bunch of them. So we did the same thing for our summer vacation. Here's our list.

1. Butterfly & Insect Pavilion at the Henry Doorly Zoo.
This a brand-spankin' new exhibit that opened last week at the world's best zoo. And since Grammy Joan treated us to our family's yearly pass, all our trips to the zoo this summer will be free.

2. Durham Western Heritage Museum.
Not only is this museum going to have an exhibit about the Amazon rainforest this summer, but they operate an old-fashioned candy counter and soda shop...right inside the museum!

3. Papio Bay Water Park.

4. Omaha Royals baseball game at Rosenblatt Stadium.
Rosenblatt Stadium is not only the home of the Omaha Royals, but it also hosts the NCAA Baseball Championship series every year.

5. Strategic Air and Space Museum.
This museum in Ashland has an awesome static display that you get to walk right up and enjoy the planes without ropes. Sam is gonna love this place...but we have to go with Tony because he knows all the cool stuff about the planes from his Intelligence days.

6. Omaha Sprinkler Park.
Just a great outdoor sprinkler for the kids at 120th and Center.

7. Wildlife Safari.
Tony and the boys did this while Anna and I were in Utah and it was a huge hit. We'll be going back this summer.

And in Lincoln...

8. Lincoln Children's Museum.
JUST the greatest children's museum EVER. Every time I go back, it reminds me of taking Sam there when he was a toddler.

9. Folsom Children's Zoo.
A nice, smallish children's zoo that you can do in about an hour. It's a nice chance to get closer to the animals than you can sometimes get at the Henry Doorly Zoo.

10. Morrill Hall.
This UNL science museum has an awesome collection of dinosaur and mammoth bones as well as a planetarium and static stuffed animal displays. And it is the home of Archie, Nebraska's beloved mammoth skeleton.

We'll also be participating in the local library's summer reading program. Hey, gotta get my $30 worth.

Have a great summer...what will your family be exploring??


Marisa said...

My dad works at the SAC restoring the planes on weekends. If you pick a Saturday with some notice I can let him know and maybe he can take you into some of the planes. They don't let people in them anymore. You'd have to get there early, just let me know and I'll get the two of you in touch.

Ashlee said...

So many fun things! I wish we had stuff like that around here!

The Reeses said...

Kristen and the boys just came up with their list of things to do this summer. After they read it to me, I told them it would take the rest of our lives to check all those off! It's fun to dream.

Kathleen said...

i've often thought to myself that i need to write down any good ideas about "what to do when bored" when they first come to me. great summer fun ideas!

Bonnie B. said...

Sounds like a blast. The "boys" all went to the Air and Space museum when we were in Omaha a few summers ago. They loved it. And I absolutely agree that Henry Doorly Zoo rocks! The best zoo I've ever been too! And, we went to one of the NCAA Championship games one year. So fun. I wish I was taking a trip back there again this summer!!

Walker said...

Thanks so much for sharing those because I am always thinking "what are we going to do this summer?" There is a lot there that I have forgotten about or haven't even heard of.

Ice Cream said...

Thank you for reminding me to make a summer list before the summer is half over. I think we will make ours this Monday for Family Home Evening. =)

Sonja said...

We are planning a trip up to Wisconsin from Utah. We always stop in either Lincoln or Omaha. I'm going to check out some of these places! Thanks so much for sharing! :)