Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tissue Paper Paper

Our ward just started a craft enrichment interest group and asked me to do a quick presentation on how to make tissue paper usable for paper crafting. Thought it might be something to share! My mom taught this to me many years ago and I have found that the cutest tissue paper I find is at the bottom of my shopping bags...Old Navy, The Feathered Nest, Victoria's Secret. And now, you can use it to make actual projects...even if it's all wrinkled up.

First, carefully crinkle up your tissue paper. I like to mash it up, open it up, and then mash it again.

Gently open up your tissue paper and lay it face down on your ironing board. Cut a piece of freezer paper (sold in stores by the plastic wrap and aluminum foil) just a bit smaller than the tissue paper and place it shiny side down on the top of the tissue paper. Shiny side of the freezer paper will be to the wrong side of the tissue paper.
Using your iron on it's highest setting WITHOUT STEAM, iron the freezer paper onto the back of the tissue paper, moving constantly. I usually make several passes to make sure it's good and stuck.

Voila! I like to use it for darling wrapping paper. And the best part is because the back side of the freezer paper is matte, you can cut a piece of the extra and make a tiny card to match and actually write on the inside.

I've also used this paper on cards...

...and on scrapbook pages (the letters are cut from pigskin tissue paper).

Have a happy (and safe) 4th!


Unknown said...

so cute! i'm glad you posted about it since we're still gone and i missed the demo! i've only been gone a week but by checking blogs, i see i've missed quite a bit of action!

Unknown said...

oh, this is's posting under my father-in-laws name :-)

Tonia said...

what an awesome trick...can't wait to try it!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Now that is cool!

Happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

I remember you showing me how to use the tissue paper to line the inside of an envelope like 9 years ago...I still have the example. To this day I haven't tried it but now with this reminder it will be on the top of my list. I love these other ideas too.


Montserrat said...

I have never seen this before. This is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING!!! You are amazing.