Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cruel, Cruel Mother Nature

Tony spent some time working on the yard today and in the process found two little bunny nests. We're not so happy about it, but the kids were thrilled. After dinner, Tony took the kids out to see the little baby bunnies in the nests. They had just come back inside and were looking out the porch door when a big crow came swooping down and snagged one of the baby rabbits and flew off with it.

Tony explained that it was all part of nature.

Sam felt much, much differently.

And so the boy who loves all things tiger/lion/cheetah/crocodile has had a mighty change of heart.

He just came downstairs and told Tony:

Sam: "Dad? Herbivores are awesome."

Tony: "Really? What about carnivores??"

Sam: "Carnivores are evil pests."

I guess Sam will be trading his Cougarman costume back in for Zebraman.


condiefamily said...

This is one made me laugh out loud! Horrible and funny at the same time.

ursula said...

poor little bunny! I'm now Team Herbivore too!

Unknown said...

While I'm there I will have to teach Sam that he is a predator too--just not one that kills little bunnies.

Sonja said...

Oh..that is a hard pill to swallow, eh? Especially when we don't butcher our own chickens and cows. But don't you just hate to see their sensitive little hearts break?

"Evil pests." Love it. :)

Cara said...

THAT is insane! I gasped out loud! Poor kid to have to witness that! I'm a softy too. I'd never survive pioneer life!

just jamie said...

Oh... poor (Easter) bunny.

Eloise said...

Poor little bunny!

Heather said...

What a sweet boy. Isn't it crazy how those "parenting moments" come up at the most unexpected times?