Saturday, April 11, 2009

Keepin' Them Safe

I know, I know, I said I was taking the weekend off, but I had an experience with Sam today that I had to make sure I got down for posterity.

As background, one of the first things they go over in Cub Scouts is ways to be safe...on the computer, from abuse by Scout leaders, family members, and how to avoid being approached by strangers and what to do if you ARE approached by a stranger. Of course, sitting in the safety of our kitchen, Sam passed with flying colors.

I was out running errands this morning and when I turned the last corner towards my house, I saw Sam playing in the yard. I pulled over right to the curb, rolled down my window and in my best bad-guy voice asked Sam:

Me in bad-guy voice: "Hey. Would you like a piece of candy, little boy?"

Sam: "Yeah!"

Me in my shocked mama voice: "SAM!! What are you SUPPOSED to say?"

Sam: "Oh, sorry. Can I have some candy, please?"

Apparently, more practice is in order. Or I need to practice my bad-guy voice.


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...



Cara said...

Maybe you needed a trench coat, a hat, and some dark glasses. :) How funny!

The FOUR M's... said...

I have one just like that! It doesn't matter how many "stranger talks" we have, she would go anywhere with anyone! (I don't let her out of my sight, obviously... Haha!)

Madeleine said...

I still do this with my 14yr., now he just gives me a whatever crazy mom look.

Jeni said...

Your just too can't fool anyone :-)

Ruth Ann said...

That story is soo funny and cute! I've been teaching "stranger danger" to my kids as well! I just started catching up on your blog and I absolutely LOVE that picture frame your daughter made! I definitely need to try that! It's awesome! Have a wonderful week! And thanks for reading my blog!
-Ruth Ann

Jessica Jane said...

OK-that is too faunny and too cute. A little scarey as well. ( = Mike and I were talking about this very things the other day. We decided it would be a long time before Owen would ever turn down a piece of candy.

Holly Ogden said...

That is so funny! Sam is such a great kid.

Rosanne said...

Oh that cracked me up!! :) What a cutie.

Benjamin's Mommy said...

That's my nephew.... so polite. LOVE the story. Maybe you should just have April teach him her "hunga-bunga" move??? Might be more effective... altho probably a little rough on your shins for practice. :)

Hugs to the munchkins! Can't wait to see you all!