Sunday, June 28, 2009


The movers are coming tomorrow and we are about as prepared as we have ever been for a move. Tomorrow night we'll be sleeping in a hotel and planning some carefree summer ways to spent our last bit in Nebraska. I'll be spotty (at best) at posting, visiting and reading blogs for the next 4 weeks or so. Please don't stop following or drop me from your blog reader. I will be back. I promise.

Just so you know we're still able to find a little joy in the journey, I overheard a winner today. We had just arrived home from church and the kids were in a hurry to change and spend a little time in the sun with Tony (who just got home after two weeks TDY in Alabama). Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Sam standing in front of the bathroom mirror. You know you've been WAY too obsessed with moving (and "to-do" lists) when your eight-year-old says this:

"Shorts? Check."
"Shirt? Check."
"Sandals? Check."
"Hat? Check."
"Belt? Check."

And just a though in closing.

Be back soon!


Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

See you soon.

God bless you as you embark on your adventure!

Jeni said...

Good luck for a smooth move! Have fun between here and there.

Nicole said...

Good luck with your move, it's so much work! I wish you were moving to Utah, but I've always heard good things about Spokane! I'm enjoying your 4th of July decorations that I won last year!

The Brough Family said...

Hope it all went well. Love the quote on faith... that is sooo true!! Miss you already, I keep thinking it's time to go home from vacation and drive carpool and have playdates. Oh I wish!!

Our Complete Family said...

Hey Amber! Hope the moving process is going well and you gusy are hanging in there!
Can't wait to hear from you on the other end!!!
Hugs to you and your crew~ Les

shawna b. said...

A perfect quote for you at this time. I love those Curly Girl cards (I used one to announce my pregnancy to my family). Anyway, I am thinking of you and your family as you are making your way to your new place and getting all settled. Bless you, Amber!