Thursday, September 24, 2009

Good Things Come In Threes

It has been a week of good things.

Firstly, there is house around the corner in my neighborhood that is empty. And in the backyard is a huge pear tree. So last Saturday, my neighbor and I pulled our big bin in our little wagon and picked all the pears that we could reach and shake loose. I had to separate them into two bags to ripen, so I've done two batches, but I finished my share up today. I got 11 quarts of free pears! Definitely a good thing.

And man, oh man, has my family had a love affair with acorns this year! I find them in every nook and cranny of our stroller, under pillows, and in small heaps on our front porch. And I couldn't resist the urge to collect them either. Since they have a tendency to grow white fuzz (gag), I sprayed mine liberally with a glossy sealer that has kept mine looking delightful in their antique canning jar.

And another good thing?? A wonderful week of Fall TV premieres! So while I am rotting my brain out, I'm keeping my hands busy with these. I'm not going to elaborate more except to say that they are for Christmas cards...

All good, good things.


niknfil said...

I found your blog Amber! Very cute! Your pears look lovely too! We got some free cherries this year and made lots of yummy cherry jam. Free is the best!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

There are those pears!!!

Anonymous said...

Missing you!!! And the pears and
the acorns, and the Christmas
"things." And those grandchildren!!

the mom (grandma)

Jeni said...

Those canned pears are beautiful. I bet you have the prettiest pantry in town. You know I have only tried canning once at Homemaking but you make me want to give it whirl again.

Now I sound like my kids who ask all the time how long until Christmas...I can't wait to see what unique card creation you have this year.

I stayed up and watched tv last fun fun...I was needing that too.

zakkalife said...

Curious to see what your Christmas cards are going to look like. It looks like you're making snowflakes out of string and pins?

Georgia Girl said...

Yep. free pears is a good thing! I put up some blackberrt jam this year and now just waiting for the figs to be ready to do some strawberry/fig preserves...some yummy goodness!

Oh how I would love a bunch of acorns...we don't have them down in Middle Georgia....gotta any extras hanging around on the ground you wanna share.

Oh I am curious to see your cards!


Rebecca said...

Hi Amber! Sorry for taking a long time to respond - I never check my blog anymore since I'm not running the marathon (I'm pregnant with my first so I'm putting it off until next year). Anyway, I think my sister found your blog b/c she and Tony are facebook friends. Her name is Mandy Matthews. They were in the same class at Hillcrest. She sent me the link and I love reading it - you have such a cute family! :)