Thursday, September 3, 2009

Donuts on the Brain

For those of you that don't know exactly what my husband does, he is a JAG, or Judge Advocate General in the Air Force. Pretty much he is an attorney that advises commanders on legal situations, helps issue military punishments and prosecutes courts for military members who have broken the UCMJ, or the Uniform Code of Military Justice. He enjoys his job, but he often gets to see the very worst sorts of people. But every once in a while, we have a good laugh over his job.

Every Monday, he gets copies of the police blotters from the local community's police department as well as from the Security Forces on base which he reads through to familiarize himself with anything that might need his attention. Well, this past weekend in the community right outside the base, a police officer had occasion to talk to a gentleman named Duncan. What the chat was about is immaterial. The point is on the report, the police officer wrote Mr. Duncan's name "Dunkin". As in Donuts.


Sometimes that's all it takes to crack us up, folks.


Jeni said...

It's true...everytime I drive by a Dunkin Donuts there is always at least one but usually two cop cars there. This is funny.

Gosh we have been in school for 5 weeks already. At least you know Anna is okay with the riding the bus. That is a sweet picture of you and the two older ones on the first day of school.

Marisa said...