Thursday, October 15, 2009

Life Happens

We are having a few computer issues. And it is almost worse than having no computer at all. So while we are considering our options (i.e. throwing it out the window or smashing it with a hammer), life continues to happen.

Just before we left Nebraska, I spent a day with Kristi antiquing in Nebraska City searching for treasures. I'd seen all the fun things online that ladies were doing with old flour bags so that is what I was really looking for when I found this great corn seed bag. When I had my sewing machine out this week, I turned it into a pillow for my favorite red chair in my kitchen so that I can be reminded of Nebraska (and rows of waving corn) whenever I see it.

And this week I finally finished playing with my bushel of Golden Delicious Washington apples I bought this Fall. I made 6 quarts of applesauce (the apples were so sweet I didn't need to add any sugar...just a pinch of cinnamon) and have been drying some into apple chips that are divine. We're down to the last 4 or so in our crisper and I look forward to doing it again next Fall.

I'm missing your blogs...but I promise once we get these glitches figured out, I'll be back in full force. Hope everyone is happy and healthy!


Army Wife Quilter said...

do you have one of those great apple smasher machines to make apple sause i would love to get one

Kathleen said...

computer problems are so frustrating! good luck at getting everything up and running again! cute pillow :-)

zakkalife said...

Great idea of turning the flour sack into a pillow. I don't know what it is about old flour sacks but they're just so charming.

Kristi said...

Awww- that was a fun day. I sure miss being able to get together! I did get to give your cute sister a hug last weekend. We comiserated together about how much we miss you!

About the apples- every year I am so glad I get them but it takes me a full year to even want to think about doing a whole box again.

Hope the computer issues get solved soon!

Jeni said...

That area in your kitchen with your red chair and spooky tree looks beautiful!

Jenni said...

I hope that your computer issues get resolved quickly! :) I think that sounds so fun to make your own applesauce! I have never tried it before, which is really kind of silly since I have lived in "apple country" most of my life! Is it hard to do? Oh, and have you tried the "Honeycrisp" apple? It is AMAZING! They are more expensive, but if you have a Costco membership, it will cost you less for them there. :)

Thank you also for letting me know where you got your drapes! I will have to go Fred Meyers and check them out! I love the color of the curtains! :)

I hope you are having a good weekend, of course minus the computer problems! :)

MooreInterest said...

I am always so amazed by your creativity! Oh, if only I could take lessons!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Those apple chips look great - what kind of a dryer do you have?

Shawna B. said...

Compute issues are the worst! I opt for smash it with a hammer - sounds more fun. Hope you get all the bugs out soon!

You have shared some great ideas, Amber, just like always, and I am itching to get my hands on some of those test tubes! Thank you for always inspiring.

I love the red drapes and I love your Nebraska pillow! Your home looks very cozy, very put together, and very welcoming.

AngelaW said...

I am having Amber withdrawls. I hope you get your computer issues resolved soon!

Eloise said...

So sorry about your computer woes!

Love your corn seed bag - what a perfect memento of your time in the Cornhusker State!

The dried apples sound delicious. Do you ship?


Jami Rugg said...

Hey, so I must say that from what I can see of your wall decor in your home I'm liking, and I was wondering if you could post some pics of the different things that you have done on your walls, because in our itsy bitsy apartment, the walls are my issue, since we have so many pics, sayings, and decor that I love, and little wall space to put things.