Friday, August 28, 2009

...Home of the Brave.

It has been many years since we have lived on base. And I captured a moment this afternoon that is the perfect example of one of the reasons I LOVE living on base. Wherever you are at 4:30 p.m., if you can hear The National Anthem playing as they take the base flag down, you stop walking, or stop your car, and you put your hand on your heart.

I love that my children are learning to love and respect their country.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Birdie Sling

A couple of months ago I blogged about that cute Amy Butler skirt pattern that I fell in love with. Well, on a shopping trip in Syracuse with Kristi right before the big move, I picked up another one of her patterns for the cutest bag called the Birdie Sling.

I had all the parts and pieces cut out before we moved, but I have spent the last few days putting it all together for Kristi's belated birthday gift.

You might say I'm smitten with Amy Butler.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Heartfelt Felt

Last week I was in Jo-Ann Fabrics and happened upon their aisle of craft stuff for kids. And they had this huge tower of felt squares...many colors I had never even seen before and some mottled ones as well. So I snagged all of the ones I found really cute and added them to my felt stash at home. But my wheels were already turning and the awesome squash orange and mottled grey felt turned into this cute little hanging pillow for Fall.

And just because I loved the way the felt was so easy to work with and forgiving, I made two little apple ornaments: one for each of the kids' teachers this year.

A cute shape, a little Heat-N-Bond, some cheap-o felt, some homespun for the backing and a bit of ribbon...the possibilities are endless!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Water Babies & A Little Monkey Man

Today was the last day of swim lessons for the kids. It has been so much fun to watch them get more and more comfortable in the water. (Anna's class had a free swim today so they could wear a life jacket to play if they chose.)

I will NOT miss chasing this little guy around the entire time, knowing that if I turned my back for one minute, he'd be in the pool with brother and sister...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tyrant to Treasure

It is stumbling upon moments like this that make the battles of motherhood worth it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Spokane Temple Primary Activity

It was a crazy day today between 3 well-child visits to the pediatrician, 2 school late-registrations and 1 very special Primary activity. The Primary theme for the month is "Temple blessings unite families" and our fantastic Primary presidency put together an activity for the children at the Spokane Temple today. When our morning obligations were done, I drove the kids out to meet the rest of our ward's Primary. We spent a little bit of time on the way there talking about why we were dressed in Sunday clothes and how we should act on the temple grounds...a great lesson for them and a wonderful reminder for me. It was a beautiful day made only more wonderful spending time with my children in the shadow of the temple.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Lady Never Knows...

I found this in Anna's room last night. Because a lady never knows when she'll need her light-saber.

And as for the giveaway, you guys made me feel a little guilty about complaining about how far away my Target is. It is 19 miles away (so Courtney...sneaking in at the last minute) is the winner! I'll get your box in the mail today. Now in my defense, those 19 miles take me about 35 minutes to drive because they are all through town with a stop light every 2 blocks. But after I read some of YOUR stories about how far away your Target is, I'll stop griping. I promise.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My "Gripey" Giveaway

Usually, one of the first places I find in our new community after we move is the closest Target. Seriously. The kids call it "the pretzel store" for good reason...we often passed a lazy afternoon wandering the aisles, searching for good deals and snacking on pretzels and popcorn. But because the base here is quite a ways outside the city limits of Spokane, the nearest Target is, well, far away. TOO far away. Especially when I am used to having a Super Target right up the road. celebration of being back online, I'm having a little contest. I measured, in miles, how far the nearest Target is from my door to theirs. The person who gets closest get a little box of fun Washington stuff. So leave your best guess (and NO cheating) in the comments and I'll tell the answer on Monday night and announce the winner. It's open to everyone...except you, Mom. I already griped to you about it.

Lucky guessing!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Anna's Haircut

Anna is the only one of our children to inherit Tony's curly hair. But, as she is quick to attest, it tends to get tangled up and snarly. And this past few weeks it has been especially bad because we've been spending so much time in hotel swimming pools during our move. But it still came as a bit of a shock when she told me she wanted me to cut her hair. I thought she meant a trim. She wanted it short. So we went short.

And, holy moly is it CUTE!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Home is Where the Air Force Sends You

And after much moaning and complaining, and even a bitter tear or two, we have cable! I am so excited to catch up on every one's summer goings-on. I have lots to share from our move to the beautiful Inland Northwest, but tonight I wanted to post some pictures of our new home for my mom...she's been as anxious as I to get up and running!

After weighing our options very carefully, we decided to take an offered 4 bedroom home on base. Now, base living has its benefits. It also has some pretty stinky realities. Like they're small (about half the square footage of our home in Nebraska). And ugly (okay, not ugly, but pretty austere and functional). And air-conditioning-less (you will notice the box and ceiling fans in all the rooms. Luckily, the worst of the summer heat is likely over and we have stayed very comfortable). But we are determined to make this a comfortable home and I have spent the last two weeks stretching my creative energies to the maximum to make a government house a home.

This is our living and dining room. It is very large and open and I am pleased with the way it turned out. It will be a fun place to entertain and easy to keep straight because the kids play in the basement for the most part.

From the living/dining room , you enter the kitchen. I was surprised how large it is with lots of counter space and new appliances. And I love the way it opens up into a teeny tiny little family room where we keep the family TV and where we hang out in the evenings.

Anna's room. It is about the size of a closet, but she loves it. We even got around to FINALLY changing the horrible old knobs on her dresser and it looks so much cuter now.

The boys' room. This is a great room with two big windows and a view of the backyard. Sam is already plotting for bunk beds and I fear it will be time before I know it.

Hall bathroom. I was going to change the ducks, but the kids love them so much I think I'll have to wait until the next move.

The guest bedroom...all made up and ready!! One of the benefits of living here is that we will get to see much more of our families. We have ALL the grandparents coming to visit in September so this room will be getting a lot of use.

And just wanted to share my new table centerpiece. I have never been 100% happy with what has been on the table in the past...I have always wanted something a little bigger and more substantial. So when I found this old antique caddy at my favorite antique haunt in Nebraska right before the move, I snatched it up, but didn't know what I would but in it exactly. When I found these natural balls, I bought them out and I love the way it looks.

Thanks for being so patient and for sticking with my silly little blog, even though I have been mostly absent this summer. I look forward to getting back into a good routine and catching up with all my friends!

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Tally

Number of times I heard my two-year-old say "yes" yesterday: 3

Number of times I heard my two-year-old say "no" yesterday: 247

Yeah. About as much fun as STLL having no internet at our house.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Withdrawal is a Beast

Seriously, people. We are mostly moved into our new home (pictures coming soon), rested from our travels, and suffering severe internet withdrawals. Complete with wimpering, whining, and crawling into dark corners and shuttering.

But on the bright side, the cable guy is coming to set the modem up on Thrusday. (Seriously?? The soonest he could come is Thursday?? Hand me that brownie, will you?).

So look for a MUCH more prolific Amber soon.

I'm TOTALLY missing you all.