Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sentimental About Sam

It was Sam's birthday today and because of a bizarre twist of military fate, we are stationed back in Spokane where Sam was born 9 years ago. So after delivering goodie bags to his class and a quick trip into town, Sam and I were talking in the car about the day he was excited his dad and I were to become parents, how nervous and anxious we were that the nurses were all going to see how inexperienced we were and refuse to let him come home with us, and those first precious days when we saw the sweetness that radiated from him, even then. We stopped at a red light and I looked over at a time & temperature sign on a bank on the corner of the street and it said:

Happy New Year!
January 6
3:52 p.m.

Almost exactly to the minute that Sam was born, not five miles away from where he was born, 9 years ago. And I was amazed how it seemed like just yesterday.

But then I realize Josh is wearing a pair of Sam's hand-me-down overalls and I can't believe Sam was EVER that small. I love him more and more each year, but I can't help but wish time would go a little slower.

Happy birthday, my Sam. You are loved. To infinity and beyond.


Montay said...

Happy birthday!!! SAM !!

Unknown said...

I remember the day too--I became a grandpa--the best gig ever. It was fun to talk with him on the telephone and have him respond so grown up. We look forward to our next visit.


Kathleen said...

happy birthday, sam! wow, you're NINE??? that's so neat that you're back where you started! he's sucha' sweet kid, amber! great parenting i'd say!

The Brough Family said...

What a sweet mom you are. I can imagine that would be a sweet and nostalgic feeling to be back where he was born. Especially with our lives of moving every couple years. We sure miss our carpool days with Sam. He is one amazing boy. Happy Birthday!!!!

Rosanne said...

That's just beautiful. Happy (belated) Birthday, Sam!