Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stitch Therapy & Physical Therapy

Now that the Holidays are put away, I've had some time in the evenings to start stitching again while I'm watching TV. I just finished the HBO mini-series John Adams...anyone else seen it?? A.Mazing. Anyway, I forgot how much I enjoyed stitching and how it helped me relax. I love to see all the floss bobbins all organized by color and the feeling of accomplishment when I complete a project. This January pattern is from Buttermilk Basin.

And about a year ago, I stated having problems with my left shoulder that got so bad that I actually had to stop running. After we moved here in July, I had them take x-rays to see if there was anything wrong that they could see on film. But when they didn't call back, I didn't think they found anything. So being the trusting dummy that I am, I let it go. But it didn't get any better. So when I was in for a quick visit last Friday, I asked my real doctor to look at the films again. When he came back in the room, he told me that he wasn't surprised I was in pain...I had a huge calcium deposit on one of the tendons in my shoulder. Hmm. Still wondering why I never got a call...Anyway, I went to my first physical therapy appointment today and they started ultrasound therapy hoping to break up the deposit so that hopefully, life will be a little less painful for me.

An answer to a prayer, my friends.


Ange said...

LOVE military health care! Can't complain that it's free, but it's pretty much a "do your own research, make your best guess, and hope you have a doc who listens" scenario... unless you're fortunate enough to have a doctor as a neighbor, or in the ward. :) Glad you're on the road to recovery. And, LOVE the header photo!

Jeni said...

I like that frame 'January' is in.

What a relief just to know what is going on with your shoulder...hope it gets better quick.

I may not need physical therapy but I am in some serious need of some stitch therapy tonight!

Tonia said...

hope you get to feeling better, love the stitching...wish I new how to do that, guess I could teach myself sometime!

Loralee and the gang... said...

Yay! I am glad you are on the road to recovery!
And I thought I was the only one who found satisfaction through sortings things like yarn, thread, and embroidery floss...as a kid, that's actually how I played. Sorted my toys, and lined them up according to color, size, and/or shape. (So why didn't my kids inherit this gene?)

Kathleen said...

hmmm...why does it not surprise me that no one called you??? how frustrating! 'glad you found a good doctor out there and that you're on the mend!

cute sign too--colorful organized thread??? sounds like a bit of therapy (and fantasy!) to me!

becky said...

Sorry you are in pain! Doctors are such jerks! : ) Your crafty project is A.Mazing as usual.