Tuesday, August 31, 2010


One of the things we promised the kids we would do on our trip to Utah was a follow-up trip to Lagoon, or "Gagoon" as Josh calls it...we went on our stop through Utah on our move to Washington last summer. We got there bright and early because it was the last Friday Lagoon was open before it closed (except weekends) for the season and we wanted to be the first ones through the door. As soon as we got in, Tony, Sam, Donny, Lena and I made for the roller coasters (or "rowser cossers" as Josh calls them) like the mad men and women that we are and Joan took Anna and Josh on all the fun kiddy rides. The crowds were blessedly sparse and we hit all the big ones (Colossus, Jet Star, Bat, Blast-Off and Re-Enrty, and of course, Wicked) before we met Joan and the kids for lunch. Why do sandwiches, chip and apples taste so much better at Lagoon??

After lunch, Josh fell asleep and I took Anna on some of the bigger kiddie rides and we finally met up with everyone at 3:45 and made for home.

The weather was perfect, the crowds weren't terrible until after lunch, and I almost wet my pants on Wicked. Pretty much the perfect day.


Leenz said...

It was a perfect day. We had so much fun!

jess said...

Wicked is definitely one of my favorites!

laixinjie said...

good post!!!