Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back to the Grind

It seems like we are the last school in the world to start school in the Fall, but today was finally the day! Last night we had our father's blessings, last summer buzz-cuts and the ceremonial backpack re-packing.
After the picture by the front tree, I took them over to the school and got them settled in their new classrooms with their new teachers and new friends. Anna couldn't have me leave quickly enough...Sam had a little bit of a harder time. His class is huge this year (30 kids) and the room is on the small side. NOT meant for 30 kids. There was a bit of chaos, lots of shuffling bodies and a mommy who could barely hold herself together which made for one panicky boy. But in the end, we both took a deep breath and gave last loves. Then it was Josh's turn. He is in preschool 2 days a week and he is thrilled. He was mad when he realized that I would be taking him to school AND picking him up today and not the bus. He has made so much progress on his speech this summer...I know this year will be a great year for him.

My mom used to tell me that she had friends that would get together the morning school started and have breakfast to celebrate. She didn't see what there was to celebrate. I don't either. As much as the kids add "stuff" to my life and days during the summer, I'm always a little sad when school starts again.

After getting the kids in their classes, I felt a little weird walking down the hall. Alone. Kinda like I was missing a limb. But I managed to get myself pulled together and out the front door. But only after I checked on them all from their classroom


MooreInterest said...

I think if we lived by each other....we would have a "Mommy pity lunch!" It would be filled with chocolate and lots of other delicious things! I do love the photo of Josh at preschool! They will ALL do GREAT (especially after all that kissing up!!)

Cherie said...

Tuesday is our first day of school. I hope your kids had a good one!

Sydney said...

Happy first day back! I hope all is well with you! i've been on a bit of bloggy-hiatus. I'm still here, just not posting much. Everything is fine, just not a lot to say. Hugs to you!

Sonja said...

It's good to catch up with you. Thanks for your email. I'm glad everything went well for your trip! I hope your dad is feeling better soon.

Your children are so darling and looking so grown up. I can't believe that Josh! He's really looking grown up.

Your teachers are so lucky to have your kids (and YOU-with your cute ideas and fun gifts).

I can relate to the feeling of lost limbs.

It gets better.

loves to you!

The Brough Family said...

Such a darling group of kiddos. Anna looks so grown up. I hope she will love first grade. Wow 30 kids... I'm not looking forward to those upper grades. I'm sure Sam will do great, but I would have been pretty panicky too! And little Josh is just adorable. I'm sure he loves going to school with the big kids.

Army Wife Quilter said...

How fun. We miss Micheal Anderson. Hope you guys enjoyed their first day of school. Mine did.

Jeni said...

I do like having my kids at home. Not that I don't enjoy going to the commissary by myself but I miss them. Mine are now 3rd and 5th and I still cried the other morning...being a mom is the most wonderful thing.

Hope you guys have that new early morning routine down already.

laixinjie said...

good post!!!