Monday, December 20, 2010

Handbag ADD

I interrupt holiday posting with this important confession. I really do have handbag ADD. I am constantly rotating through about 3 or 4 favorites, but rarely use one for more than a month solid. Until I found my Betty Rose Harvey's Seatbelt bag at the Fireworks gallery in Seattle last year. I.Fell.In.Love. I get more compliments on this bag and I've used it pretty consistently since then. But 'ole Betty Rose might be in for a little competition starting today. Look what the FedEx guy brought...

A Steve Madden rose tote.

Merry Christmas to ME!


MooreInterest said...

That's a ROSIE Christmas if you ask me!!! Really cute!

Jeni said...

I was just diagnosed with this in Aug. when I moved to Korea.

I agree, you will have a ROSIE Christmas. That is super cute.

My mom is always telling me to look at those Simplicity patterns. I bet your kids teachers loved the aprons.

Anonymous said...

Mercy me! That is one cool red
handbag. I love it.

the mom

Cherie said...

Hi Amber,
Yes, it is true! We are really moving back to Anchorage! Kalani will start up there first and then the kids and I will follow. I look forward to being able to see your mom again! I'll let you know when we plan on being there. Merry Christmas!!