Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Operation Cookie Drop" 2010

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Each year, the Officer and Enlisted Spouses' Clubs join up to execute "Operation Cookie Drop". It is easy to forget that a lot of these airmen are very young, living in the dorms, and often spending lots of time at work during the Holiday season. Most won't be able to go home. So we gather dozens of cookies from the base community, meet early in the morning, put together bags and bags and bags of cookies and then deliver them to the dorms. This year was extremely successful...we put together enough for both the regular base dorms and the SERE (survival school) dorms, at least a dozen boxes of cookies to go over on deploying aircraft for our troops overseas, and still had enough cookies left over to deliver to troops in shops running 24 hours a day. Josh and I got tasked with delivering a box of cookies to the base fire station out by the flight-line and those guys were excited to see us! They even took Josh on a little up close and personal tour of a fire engine and gave him a fire hat! Then we met up with the ladies at the dorms and we delivered hundreds of cookie bags, one outside each door at the dorms. Even Josh got in on the action.

I love being a part of this group of ladies. In the olden days, the Officers' Spouses' Club was a little stuffy. Now it is just a group of ladies (and the occasional husband) who want to do good things for the base community. And to have a little fun while doing it.


Montay said...

What a fun thing... Looks like the little guy had a good time too!

The FOUR M's... said...

Love this! What a fun way to serve those who serve us! Great job! :o)

MooreInterest said...

I love the idea of this! Also...glad to hear the "wives club" isn't so "stuffy!" Looks like you've found the real meaning of and service.

Kathleen said...

great job! i love how you got to take josh along and show him how wonderful it feels to serve others!