Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Go Bulldogs!

On New Year's Eve, Tony took the big kids to Moscow, Idaho (about 80 miles away) to watch a fun basketball game, with some family ties. Our brother-in-law, Curtis, coaches for the Louisiana Tech men's team and they made a trip north to play the University of Idaho.

Tony and the kids got there early and got to hang out with Uncle Curtis, watch the team warm-up, model their colors, and fraternize with the enemy Vandals.

Tony was even selected to shoot baskets for a chance to win a Subaru at halftime. When Tony came back after his failed attempt to win the car, Sam was so funny. He told Tony he was glad he didn't win the car because he really liked his truck and didn't want to have to give it away. Cute how their little minds work.

Personally, I wouldn't have minded a new Subaru.

Thanks Uncle Curtis for bringing your team up to see us and for showing Tony and the kids such a good time!


The Brough Family said...

What a fun time!! Love the picture of Anna with the cheerleaders, she's so dang cute! And HUGE congrats on the 100 mile bike ride. You are awesome. What a great goal to accomplish!

Leenz said...

Looks like a good warm up for March Madness!!

Jeni said...

How fun. Now I see where you March Madness love stems won't be long.