Thursday, January 6, 2011

No Comment.

Yesterday was the final cleaning inspection for our old house that we moved out of over the Holidays. Bah Humbug. And you read that right...we had to clean, to inspection, the house they will be renovating this Spring. Whatever. So after the inspection (which we passed), I had to go over to the privatized housing offices to sign some paperwork. The guy was really trying to be nice and told me that he hoped that the moved hadn't been too bad. Not wanting to let the sucker off the hook that easily I replied, "Yeah. It sucked. Really bad." He apologized. I signed the paperwork.

And then he handed me two comment cards and asked if we would be willing to fill them out. Seriously?? Did he even HEAR me say how MUCH IT SUCKED to move the week after Christmas?

I mentioned this to Tony and he said that they wouldn't be interested in anything we might like to say.

They're even dumber than we thought they were.


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Melissa said...

I guess it takes all kinds... haha! I'm glad the moving is all done for you and hope you get settled in your new home soon! Happy New Year!