Monday, March 21, 2011

Swim Lessons & Feeling the Burn

This past weekend was the last day of Saturday swim lessons for the kids. Although they'll start up swim again in the next few weeks, I wanted to document this fun part of our life. This is Bruce the shark. He is on display at the base pool. Since we share the pool with the water survival guys, I'm sure one of them thought Bruce needed something to play with and chucked a ball into his mouth. The kids think it is hilarious.

Anna is fearless in the water. She and Sam were in the same class this session and she made it her goal to keep up with her big brother!

This is Sam doing a "Geronimo" off the diving board. He does so well with his swimming that his instructor at summer lessons nicknamed him "Fish".

And then there is Joshua. Who astounds everyone with his toughness in the water. He loves that his tubes finally fell out and he doesn't have to wear wax in his ears anymore. He loves jumping big jumps off the side of the pool at his favorite teacher, Levi. And, of course, impressing us all with his muscles.

And after years of living in McIllece Family Bracketology oblivion (which is strange because they are the basketball coachin' family), we're feeling pretty much the entire Condie family breathing down our necks and poised to take over almost the entire top of the Bracketology list. Within striking distance. And showing no mercy. Way to go, Condies. And a big thanks to Syracuse and Pitt for blowing my bracket. Seriously.


Kathleen said...

yeah, those two teams going down screwed our brackets as well. the big east has been a major let-down this year. go cougs!

and, great swim shots!

MooreInterest said...

I LOVE those swim shots!!!! The muscles, the jumping, the cute little eyes! Cute kids, I tell 'ya!