Monday, May 16, 2011

May Visiting Teaching Gifts

Two months ago my visiting teaching companion moved to Hawaii and I got a new partner and a whole new set of four ladies to visit. So fun! I love it when they mix it up a bit. This time, I got a little spoiled because my companion also likes to give little gifts when we go visiting so I only have to come up with a little something every other month. It was my turn in May and since it has been a late, cold, rainy Spring here (my tulips only opened about a week ago) I focused on the "May flowers" part of life and found these darling little sugar cookies at WalMart. I repackaged them, found a quote, and used a ribbon laced through the eye of a clip to attach the quote.

"Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world."
--Virgil A. Kraft

Happy May visiting teaching!


Anonymous said...

What darling little flower
cookies! Did you just happen
upon them, or go searching?
Wish you were MY visiting

the mom

Jeni said...

Love the saying and the cookies! I can't imagine going to won't be long.

Happy Spring Amber

Sarah said...

love it. love you. darling as always :) glad to see you're "back".