Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Packing Horror Story

Yesterday was the farewell and award ceremony for members of the Wing that were moving on to other assignments and PCSing. Following the ceremony, there was a really nice little luncheon that was intimate enough that we could mingle and talk with the rest of the legal office and members of the Wing leadership. Since both Tony's boss and Tony are leaving, everybody was sharing their packing horror stories...one lady had her garbage can packed completely full of kitchen garbage, one lady had her checkbook packed (back in the day when you had to have a checkbook to pay for anything), one lady had a roast packed in her crockpot by the movers. Lovely. But I didn't have much to add to the conversation. So I committed the cardinal sin of moving. I said, "We've been lucky...we have always had pretty good moves." And WHAM! Karma gave me a nice kick in the pants.

The packers packed my cellphone today. Lucky for me, Anna was near enough to the box it was in it to hear it ringing.



Cherie said...

Sometimes you just have to wonder? When we moved this last time they put our gas cans (that Kalani uses to fill the lawn mower) into our deep freezer! When we opened the deep freezer it smelled like gasoline. The cans had been emptied out but still... Who does that? Hope you don't find anymore treasures.

Jeni said...

Well lets say it's a good packing story. That is funny.

Once we were moving back to the USA from overseas...Steve had his hat and wallet on top of the (Air Force)fridge and they packed it and were gone. Steve had to run all around base getting papers signed to get a new ID... I am praying for a smooth move!

I can't believe you are out of there. I think it's exciting!

Good Luck Amber!