Monday, June 27, 2011

Teacher Gifts & Hello Summer!

The kids FINALLY finished up their school year on June 17th..really late. It was a great school year, I got in lots of volunteer time, and all three kids thrived. With all the travel, visits and moving stuff, I didn't have time to get much of a teacher gift put together for these great ladies. So I grabbed a couple bags of Hershey Hugs, put them in some long craft baggies, and topped them with a flip-over tag with a cute school themed sticker on top. I used the bus stickers for the school bus drivers and for Josh's teachers and specialists and the pencil stickers for the big kids' teachers. I like the way they turned out and they were quick and inexpensive. I also used this printable template to make a set of thank you cards for the teachers from me. I rounded the corners, added envelopes and tied it all with red baker's twine.

Tony and I were both able to attend the school award assembly and the kids both were recognized for their hard work this year...Anna was Student of the Month for her class and was recognized for her Advanced Reading scores. Sam was named PE student of the year for all the 4th graders and was one of the top 10 kids in the entire school for Advanced Reading points. We are so proud of them and their hard work.

It seems like there is always one little girl that Anna really bonds with each year. Lucky for us, Bronwen lived right around the corner from us and even after the girls spent all day together, they had a playdate once a week after school as well. We'll miss you, Bronwen!

And just an FYI, Bath & Body Works had a bunch of their classic scents on sale for $3 and so I bought some of their antibacterial hand soap in Fresh Market Apple scent for next year...if you're looking for an easy idea to stash away for teacher gifts...check it out!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the idea of the apple soap. I love those bus stickers!

You and Tony with the Golden Gate...classic! Ha, I have been to Muir Woods like 5 times and I am sure we will be going there shortly too, so Ben and Madi can have been there done that...everyone does.

I LOVE Korea but am getting really excited about coming home to the USA. And for our drive from Atlanta to California...well really I wish I could take a nap and be, it should be fun.

I know you like that song by Train...San's one of my favorite summer songs this year.