Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hand-Me-Down Drama

Yesterday my mom got out her box of loose photos that she has of my sisters and I and all the grand kids to show Sam, Anna, and Josh the pictures of them when they were babies. She started with Sam--my mom would show the pictures to Sam one by one and then lay them on the floor for the other kids to see. Josh was bouncing around, obviously a little distracted. When he finally decided to join the party, there were all of Sam's photos laid out on the floor, many of which Sam was wearing clothes that turned into hand-me-downs for Josh. Josh grabs one photo, says, "Hey. That is MY red shirt. Wha? This is MY church sweater." He throws the pictures on the floor, folds his arms across his chest and utters this gem:

Josh: "Sam! You are wearin' ALL MY CLOTHES!"

He promptly bursts into tears, spins on his heel and stomps his way to his bedroom and quietly shuts the door. He's been told there will be dire consequences if he slams his door anymore. Didn't quite have the same impact, but he got his point across.

What a nut.


Lacey said...


AngelaW said...

That is awesome! Josh and Logan are a lot alike! I think it is a 3rd child thing.

I had a friend point out by having my kids match, the youngest will get the same item of clothing passed down over and over again. I admit that there are a few outfits that I am SICK of the third time around.

Heather said...

This absolutely made my day! Thanks for sharing! :-)