Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Launching Water Balloons

We had a picnic late this afternoon with my grand-parents around the fire pit in the backyard. The weather was glorious and none of us were really in a hurry to go inside. So mom dug out her water balloon launcher and water balloons and we waged water warfare against our neighbors front lawns.

After a few backfires and some premature explosions, we finally got the hang of it. The kids had a ball launching and watching the balloons hang in the air and then cheering when they hit the ground and exploded. So much fun. She wants us to take it with us to Utah and I can only imagine the carnage this thing will unleash in the hands of a group of McIllece brothers...

I guess water balloon launching is the Cranney Family Reunion Official Sport (my mom's family) but only after we're done launching rockets. Water balloons are Act II. My Aunt Lori helped my mom make this one with drilled dowels, stiff canvas, and surgical tubing from a pharmacy. I took a close-up just in case you wanted to make your very own family water warfare wager.

Try saying THAT three times fast.

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