Monday, July 25, 2011


Holy cow. Our last day in the car on the way into Alabama, Tony and I counted up the stats of our summer travels. Pretty unbelieveavle.

We visited 14 states.

We crossed the Mississippi River 2 times.

We crossed the (very high and a little scary) Missouri River 3 times.

We stayed in 5 different hotels, 3 homes and a very soggy TLF room.

And we had a ball. Here are some highlights:

Driving across beautiful Nebraska and enjoying the green carpet of corn...I miss it so much! Playing in the pool at the Kellogg's lovely home and being fed like royalty. Tony wouldn't stop anywhere in eastern Nebraska knowing that if I got out of the car, he wouldn't be able to get me back in.

Worlds of Fun in Kansas City. 4 major roller coasters, 2 train rides and 22 water bottle refills. The heat index that day was 105 degrees. No lines for the rides, but no pictures either because everytime I opened my camera, the lens would fog up.

A quick stop at Adam-ondi-ahman, Missouri--a site of importance to the history of our church. And another blown tire. Seriously.

An overnight in Nauvoo, Illinois to see the Nauvoo Pageant, the Nauvoo Temple and the lovely town of Old Nauvoo.

A somber and beautiful stop in Carthage, Illinois to visit the site of the martyrdom of Joseph Smith and his brother, Hyrum.

In St. Louis, a view form the bottom (and the top) of the Gateway Arch.

One last night in southern Illinois, and into Montgomery.



Walker said...

Holy moley girl! That is an adventure! Wish Tony would have let you come out of the car here, it would have been good to see you!

Kyndra said...

WOW! Fun summer. When I was younger we called them TLQ - so I assume "quarters" has been changed to "facility" now? Is that what it stands for? I can't wait to take our kids to the church history sites someday.