Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wheeler Farm & Wyoming

I know, the two don't really go together except in our crazy moving adventure! Our last day in Salt Lake, Lena and I took a bunch of the McIllece kids to Wheeler Farm. It is such a cute little place with farm animals, ducks to feed and a really fun hayride. They even had a penny press. Nice.

And for dinner? Why, Cafe Rio, of course!

Yesterday morning we finished packing and picked up Joan (Tony's mom) to start our trip to Alabama. Yesterday, we drove the entire width of Wyoming. And let me just say that every road trip disaster on our many drives between Omaha and Salt Lake ALL happened in Wyoming. I consider it pretty much the bane of my travel existence. But I must say, yesterday went extremely well. No flat tires, no blown spare, no pee breaks on the side of the road and no getting snowed in. And to top it all off, when we stopped for lunch, I ran over to Sonic because I knew they had diet Dr. Pepper on fountain and I needed one for the road. Not only did they have diet Dr. Pepper, but the had the BIGGEST diet Dr. Pepper I have ever seen. For $1. I'd say my relationship with Wyoming is lookin' up.

On to Nebraska!


Kathleen said...

are you driving straight through or will you be needing to take a pit stop in papillion???

MooreInterest said...

Happy travels for the next day too!!!

Kristi said...

Hey old friend! Happy to hear that Wyoming was kind to you this trip. Bummed that this Nebraska girl missed seeing you on your way through.

Love ya!

Rosanne said...

Just now getting a chance to catch up on your blog - love all your pictures and stories and adventures! Your kids are as tall as weeds (the beautiful kind) ;) - and I wish you all the best in your travels! Also, bummed I missed the UT gathering - but heard it was wonderful. Got a chance to visit with Becky West while she was here! ;) Best to you, Amber! xoxo