Monday, September 5, 2011

Apple Potpourri Visiting Teaching Gifts

This is the little gift we came up with for September visiting teaching gifts. I thought some potpourri would be nice, but to buy it...the smell seems weak and they all sorta smell the same. So I wondered how hard it would be to make. Turns out it's not that hard! I followed this recipe and with just a few tweaks (I used my dehydrator for the apples and I had a hard time finding dried rose hips so I used a bunch of dried buds in a dark color instead and added a few more drops of apple spice essential oil). I love these pint jars! A little homespun, string and a quote and they're done.

And on another note, Tony and Sam had a great time at the BYU/Ole Miss game on Saturday. It was pretty intense to watch from home...I can't imagine the feeling in the stadium (notice they are in the middle of the Ole Miss section). I've always admitted to being a little bit of a fair weather BYU fan. It seems to me that they tend to, well, umm, CHOKE a lot and it breaks my heart. But good job, Cougs! Way to pull it out of the crapper at the last minute!

Did I just say "crapper" on our family blog??


zakkalife said...


You're so good about teacher gifts. They must feel well loved.

Jeni said...

How fun to go to the game. That Utah State/Auburn game was crazy too.

I love the gifts. Where do you buy the scented oils for it? September = apples for me too.