Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Loft & A Quilting Bug

Here, at last, are some pictures of my favorite place in the house. We love our house, the wide streets, our neighbors and the neighborhood. And I was willing to downsize to a 3-bedroom house after I saw this little nook. And I even graciously agreed to share it with the guest bed.

Since I don't really scrapbook anymore, this past move I downsized to only the things I use to make cards. So now, I have room to put everything in a spot and still have space to quilt. Yes, I have been quilting! I've come a long way since my first real quilting project...a little family pride flag I made while we lived in Papillion.

I made this little pinwheel quilt for my niece, Cora, using this Vanessa Christenson tutorial and I loved it so much I made one for us with colors that suit our home.

But the real inspiration to really stretch my quilting wings was this quilt-along on Moose on the Porch Quilts. A new free quilt block pattern comes out every two weeks and you use your choice in fabric to make your quilt square. I used my patriotic stash, stayed caught up and had it quilted with my pinwheel quilt this summer and I am HOOKED! I have two new quilts at the quilter now and I will share when they get back.

Moose on the Front Porch just started a fat quarter quilt-along today and I'm using Moda Sweet-water's Hometown collection. I'm so excited. I'll keep you posted.

Have a good week!


Jeni said...

I knew I spotted a pinwheel quilt in a different picture. That is beautiful.

Off I go to check out the new quilt-along...I didn't know about it.

Our household goods were delivered yesterday...all my stuff is a mess...I need to get busy.

MooreInterest said...

OK--I have not ever. ever. ever. done this. But I think I am taking a little trip up to my quilting shop tonight for some fabric! You may just have me hooked girl!!!! And....everytime I walk into that store I think of you! Thanks for sharing this! PS--I love your new "spot."

Army Wife Quilter said...

Very cool. I love your quilts. they are beautiful. I love to quilt. However, I have been doing less of that lately because I have learning new crafty things. But I am working on two wall hangings for halloween. By the way you can never have enough fabric. If you are a quilter. And your little space will be over run by fabric. Well at least that has been my experience.

Anonymous said...

I see a partial Diet Dr. Pepper on the ledge above your craft table...
Beautiful room-can't wait to try out the guest room!

the mom

niknfil said...

Oh! I love it Amber! How fun to see your new projects! .....And your nook! Miss you!