Saturday, October 1, 2011

I {heart} Alabama!

Just another reason I love the South.

The stuff THEY think is junk, I think is awesome.

I went to an antique and flea market in downtown Prattville on Friday after I dropped Josh off at school, really with no expectations. Oh.My.Gosh. This is just one of the treasures I picked up. A little antique green weathered bench. For $18.

Junk? I think not.


MooreInterest said...

That is cool!!! I especially love how you've tucked your beautiful quilts in there! Darling.

Kathleen said...

very darling. i love the color!

Jeni said...

You go's perfect!

Hey I hit up a local quilt shop...I am joining the party over at the "moose", with some Hometown baby.

zakkalife said...

I really like the color of your new bench. If that was selling in one of the antique shops around here, it would probably go for $80.